Best Freebie Flutter UI Templates

Flutter is now a popular tool for creating UI Designs in no time. Still sometimes you will need an initial push to get going. So presenting here some of the best Freebie UI Templates in Flutter:

1. Best-Flutter-UI-Templates by Mitesh Chodvadiya

Mitesh has done a wonderful job in Designing and Developing this Template. This template gives 3 different UI options and very well coded considering in mind user expectations.

1. Timy Messenger app by janoodleFTW

Main Features

  • Multiple groups (similar to Teams in Slack).
  • Multiple open or private channels within groups.
  • Sharing of photos and photo collections.
  • React to messages with emoji.
  • Push-notifications for the message and channel updates.
  • Specific channels for events (e.g. containing date, venue).
  • Editing of event channels.
  • Calendar for all upcoming and past events aggregated over all groups and channels.
  • English and German localization.
  • RSVP for events.

Smart course by TheAlphamerc (Sonu Sharma)

Smart course app is built in flutter by Sonu Sharma. App design is based on Smart Course designed by Nugraha Jati Utama

NextBusSG by Ninest

An app to show everything bus related in Singapore, including bus arrival times and a directory, with extra features.

Flutter Healthcare App by TheAlphamerc (Sonu Sharma)

Healthcare app is a design implementaion of Healthcare Mobile App designed by Chirag Chauhan

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